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We harvested 17,273 pounds of fruits in 1 year!

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On April 21 & April 28, during National Volunteer Week about 24 Damien High School students came to help harvest 1,150 pounds of grapefruits in Fontana (courtesy of Mr. Bordon). The young boys chose to glean on April 21 because it was a day to celebrate Earth Day. During the gleaning process, we realized that we had run out of boxes, so a parent contributed by buying water bottles and trash bag supplies to continue the project. Thanks to a parent; the Damien students continued harvesting Mr. Bordon’s backyard. Believe it or not, the boys were scared to glean because there was 3 huge beehives! Despite the beehives, the boys continued to glean for 4 hours. Good job! Let’s continue to make a difference!

Alicia Castro
AmeriCorps-Volunteer Coordinator (909) 622-3806 ext.223


St. Patrick’s Day Gleaning!

It was raining a lot on St. Patrick’s Day. Despite the rain, the gleaning crew volunteers from Damien High School and La Verne University refused to cancel and decided to go for it. In 3 hours, the gleaning crew members harvested 95 pounds of tangerines from Mr. Bolding’s home and 85 pounds of lemons from Mrs. Price’s home. Yes, we did 2 gleaning assignments on St. Patrick’s Day and the Claremont Courier came to interview us. Please check our pictures  at the  Claremont Courier Gallery  (3/21/12) and our program published at the Claremont Courier site. It feels great to be supported by local neighborhoods and communities. Thank you everyone, for your effort, consideration, and commitment to help others in need. Thank you Claremont Courier for supporting and believing in our program!

Alicia Castro
Volunteer Coordinator

Reeder Ranch Heritage Foundation

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On early March 3, 2011 the Gleaning HOPE program recruited over 50 volunteers and harvested 3,500 pounds of oranges in three hours. A big thank you to Annette, Kelly, Reeder Ranch Heritage Foundation, and volunteers who participated on the event to salvage oranges for families in need of nutritious fruits. Thank you Annette for sharing the photos! Over the last 11 months, we have harvested 15, 400 pounds of backyard fruits and distributed the fruits on the east end of Los Angeles County and west end of San Bernardino County.

Thank you for your contribution and dedication,

Alicia Castro Volunteer Coordinator


Thank You Home Depot!

 A special thank you to Lorenzo Contreras, the Home Depot store manager in Upland for his generous donations.  The manager was impressed with the  mission of Gleaning HOPE and was generous to donate Home Depot supplies to support the program.

Contreras donated new supplies such as the following: 5 totes, 8 shears, 8 pair of gloves, and 2 pack of Glad bags. Mr. Contreras’ donations will allow the gleaning crew members to continue salvaging  fruits for families and children in need of fresh nutritious fruits. The gleaning crew members are very grateful for Mr. Contreras donations.


Bulletin News

This year has been a great start for the Gleaning HOPE. We would like to share good news for our fruit donors, volunteers, and followers. The Gleaning HOPE recently got published at the Bulletin News.  

Thank you for making a difference!

Best regards,
Alicia Castro
Volunteer Coordinator

Bountiful Glean this Weekend!

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Hey All!

This past weekend was very fruitful for the Gleaning Hope program. We gleaned 353lbs of lemons and tangerines! Thats about a truck full of boxes of fruit! Anyways, we would like to share pictures from the glean and give a shout out to our gleaners and past/future donors–we wouldn’t be able to provide such a wonderful service to people in need 🙂

Enjoy the pictures and feel free to contact us for more info, donations, and/or volunteering!

First Gleaning for 2012!

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Greetings Gleaning HOPE Followers!

Thank you for visiting our blog and supporting our Gleaning HOPE program! Last year we collected 9,500 pounds of fruits.  We thank our fruit donors who believe in our mission and continue to donate their excess fruit and vegetables grown in their backyard. The gleaning crew members made a difference by salvaging fresh nutritious fruits for people in need of food.

A group of Damien High School gleaning crew members and parents volunteered on January 14, 2012 to help salvage fruits. Our first gleaning was to collect lemons donated by Rhoda. The two trees were full of lemons and ready to be picked. Within 40 minutes, the gleaning crew members had collected 400 lbs of lemons. These young man (pictures are attached) enjoyed, picking, collecting and salvaging the fruits. Most of them asked when the next gleaning opportunity would take place because they would love to help again and recommend this wonderful program with friends. They’re going to help pass out flyers through churches, schools, and local neighborhood communities to support the program.

After gleaning the lemons, our next task was to collect grapefruits donated by Yolanda. It was a small tree and full of grapefruits! Within 20 minutes, the gleaning crew members helped salvage 300 lbs of grapefruits.

In less than two hours, we helped salvage 700 pounds of fruits! Imagine if we could salvage fruits every week? Many children and families would be able to eat fresh nutritious fruits from our four food pantries in Claremont, Pomona, Ontario, and San Dimas.


How you can help?

We are looking for fruit tree owners who have more fruits or vegetables than they need. Consider donating your fruits for people in need of food and you can receive income kind deduction. If you know someone who has too many fruits at their backyard, ask them if they would like to donate their fruits through the Gleaning HOPE program.  All you have to do is make a call or email the volunteer coordinator.

Alicia Castro

AmeriCorps – Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: (909) 622-3806 ext. 223

Fax: (909) 622-0484


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